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Environment tips

  • dune near hotel zingst - hotel baltic sea - hotel darß

    Cycle tour to the Pramort and Hohe Düne

    A holiday on the Baltic Sea is perfect for a leisurely cycle tour along the coast. Why not head for the eastern tip of the Fischland-Darß-Zingst peninsula and visit the Pramort and the dune, which is more than 13 metres high. Your reward is a special view of the unspoilt beach and the unspoilt nature of the Vorpommersche Boddenlandschaft National Park.

  • Hotel Ostsee - Weststrand

    Darßer Ort lighthouse and west beach

    At the north-western tip of the Fischland-Darß-Zingst peninsula, the Darßer Ort lighthouse invites you on an excursion. Once at the top, you can enjoy the unique view over the Darßwald forest and the dune landscape in the centre of the national park. The 14 km long, unspoilt western beach is one of the most beautiful sandy beaches in the world and is a highlight of any Baltic Sea holiday.

  • Hotel Ostee - Ortsführung

    Guided tour: Get to know Zingst

    A stroll through the Baltic Sea spa town of Zingst takes you past historic sites and exciting sights. Discover destinations such as the Zingst pier, the harbour, the Kurhaus, the Museumshof, the Max Hünten Haus and the Martha-Mueller-Grählert-Park on a guided tour or on your own.

  • cure house near hotel zingst - hotel baltic sea - hotel darß

    Spa centre of Zingst

    Zingst's Kurhaus is located behind the dune right next to the pier. Stop by, as it not only houses the tourist information centre, but also a wedding room with a view of the Baltic Sea, event rooms and a restaurant.

  • Hotel Ostsee Tauchglocke Seebrücke

    Zingst pier

    With a length of 270 metres, the Zingst pier invites you to take a walk at any time and offers a wonderful panoramic view of the Baltic Sea and the beach. Here you can watch particularly beautiful sunsets.

  • Hotel Ostsee - Strandblick

    Art and culture in Ahrenshoop

    Ahrenshoop - the first port of call for art lovers and painters looking for the perfect backdrop for great works in the midst of the enchanting landscape between the Baltic Sea, beach and national park. Meet like-minded people in galleries and the art museum and discover how renowned artists see the world through their eyes!

  • Hotel Ostee Schiffahrt Bodden

    From Zingst harbour: boat trips on the Bodden

    Of course, your holiday on the Baltic Sea should not be without a boat trip. Ships regularly leave from the harbour of Zingst to take you on a Bodden trip or a boat tour to Stralsund, Barth or the island of Hiddensee. Enjoy the hours on the sea and also watch the evening flight of the numerous cranes in the midst of untouched nature.

  • zeesboot near hotel zingst - hotel baltic sea - hotel darß

    Experience tradition: Ride on the Zeesboot

    Immerse yourself in the tradition of Zeesboot cruises and board one of the old wooden boats with their red-brown sails. The wind is right for an extraordinary holiday experience from Zingst with the "Dorothea" and all other Bodden harbours. Cast off!

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  • Strandhotel Zingst Kraniche 7

    Autumn excursions to the rut of the stags or to the resting of the cranes

    The Fischland-Darß-Zingst region offers two unique natural spectacles - the deer rut and the crane rest - especially for a short Baltic Sea holiday in autumn. Zingst is a good starting point for both, as numerous observation and photo excursions start from here. At Darßer Ort, you can experience the rutting of the stags against the magnificent backdrop of the Baltic Sea from September to the beginning of October. From the end of September to the end of October, thousands of cranes rest on their flight south at Pramort or on the island of Kirr - almost in Zingst.

  • Hotel Ostsee Urlaub Hafen Ribnitz-Damgarten_SF

    Amber town Ribnitz-Damgarten

    Friends of the gold of the sea get their money's worth here. Ribnitz is home to the German Amber Museum with everything you need to know about amber. The amber foam factory is in Damgarten. Here you can see how the versatile amber jewellery is made.

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